Software Development and Business Information Systems

Prof. Alexandru Ţugui, PhD
Assoc. Cătălin Strîmbei, PhD



It started with Sisteme informaționale pentru afaceri (SIA) master programme. Market demand for IT professionals has been growing spectacularly over the recent years in Iasi (and all over the world), and seems not to calm down, at least for a while.

Moreover, in most cases (about 85%) customers of IT projects IS graduates work for are international. Not to mention that many of the references for IT/SIA courses are classical, worldwide accepted books and papers written in English.

Relative to the SIA programme, SDBIS is more technically oriented and designed to increasing demand for multi-tiered service oriented software and also big data professionals.

Consequently, the main targets of SDBIS are graduates from Business Informatics/ Information Systems, Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Mathematics and Computer Science bachelor programmes.

SDBIS curriculum is real-world oriented with adequate connections to IT community and proper intership stages in major employers (Capgemini, Centric, Continental, Embarcadero, Endava, Falcon, Mind, SCC, etc.).
Competencies-Courses Chart