Marketing Management

Coordinators (Tutori)

Lect. dr. Tudor Jijie

Prerequisites (Discipline prealabile)

Marketing is a prerequisite discipline for potential candidates (i.e. they should have studied Marketing at undergraduate level).

Programme Structure (Plan de învățământ)

During the first semester, class activities total 8 hours of courses and 7 hours of seminars per week. In the second and third semesters, the ratio is 9 to 6, while in the fourth semester there are 5 hours of courses and 11 hours of seminars per week.

  • Compulsory courses
    Strategic Marketing
    Organization Theory and Design
    Business Research Methods 1
    Business Research Methods 2
    Strategic Brand Management
    Principles of Advertising and Sales Promotions
    Pricing Strategies
    Public Relations and Corporate Communication
    Performance Management / Total Quality Management
    Distribution Management / Supply Chain Management
  • Compulsory courses
    Business Negotiations
    International Strategic Marketing
    Information Systems and Business Processes
    Digital Marketing
    Research Paper in Marketing
    Field Course Marketing (Experiential Marketing)
    Financial Decisions and Corporate Strategies / Risk Management
    CSR / International Trade Techniques

Programme Overview (Prezentarea programului)

All the activities of the Marketing Management Master programme are conducted exclusively in English. This programme is designed for graduates of various fields of business administration, as well as professionals that wish to enhance their knowledge in the areas of Marketing and Management.

During the four semesters, students are exposed to an international research and teaching environment, that focuses on developing their analytical and research skills, their marketing communication abilities, and their strategic approach.

This programme is subject to the same level of tuition fee as all the other master’s degree programmes of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

Admission Requirements (Condiții pentru admitere)

In addition to the general admission requirements, candidates for the Marketing Management Master programme should demonstrate that they have a good command of the English language (a minimum B2 level is recommended).
To this end, the general interview that is organized by the Faculty during the admissions period will be conducted in English. No other language certificates are necessary.

To learn more about the admission process, visit the dedicated page.
For additional information you may contact the programme’s coordinators by email.