Business Administration

Business Administration is the first undergraduate program established at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration that was delivered entirely in English. It is structured as a three fold program, which allows graduates to specialize in one of the three fields: management, marketing or finance. Courses are delivered exclusively based on course books of international level, acquired from renowned printing houses (Pearson Education, Springer, Prentice Hall). They support both the quality of the teaching-learning process and the comparability with other European universities in terms of student competencies and abilities. Along the three years, students are exposed to an international environment, experimenting interactions with different cultures.

Educational Plan

The program targets high school graduates with a good level of English (at least B2 according to European standards), willing to study in an international environment and at a level that will facilitate their integration on the international labour market. Students enrolled in the Business Administration program are the favourite candidates for international programs (Erasmus, Work & Travel, American Experience and other) due to their very good level of foreign languages, high level of knowledge and abilities and the international environment experienced in the program. In July 2016, the Business Administration program will record the fifth generation of graduates. This proves that it is a solid and valuable program, which is confirmed also by the exponential rising in terms of number of students enrolled per year. According to a satisfaction study, 95% of the Business Administration graduates between 2012 and 2015 would choose the program again.