Dean’s Message

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi is one of the most dynamic faculties in terms of educational programmes, number of students, teaching staff skill-upgrade training and the modernisation of teaching areas. Although the Faculty became part of the structure of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University in Iasi in 1962, the tradition of higher economic education began in Iasi as early as 1843, with the first Political Economy course given by Ion Ghica at Academia Mihăileană (Michael Sturza’s Academy).

Through its 11 BA degree programmes, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi provides good opportunities for students to acquire knowledge and skills for a large number of professions in the fields of: economics, business administration and public administration. Also, the faculty offers a high number of professional MA programmes, both for full-time and part-time (low attendance) education, as well as PhD studies in Economics and Business Administration.

As a result of its achievements in the academic process, the Faculty grants value to the university diploma on the labour market. Under the circumstances of ongoing transformations in society and economy, the diplomas of graduates of degree programmes in Economics from the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, have a particularly good reputation on the labour market. The knowledge society, the digital economy and globalisation lend a privileged position to economists, a position supported by the latest statistical analyses conducted in countries from the European Union.

Over the past few years, FEBA has undergone important quantitative and qualitative changes, thus earning a good reputation in the Romanian economic higher education. Also, the institution’s concerns for the internationalisation of economic education have multiplied. The Faculty offers degree programmes taught entirely in English: two BA programmes (Business Administration and Economics and Finance) and four MA programmes (Finance and Risk Management, Software Development and Business Information Systems, Marketing Management, Strategic Human Resource Management in Europe). At the same time, an increasingly higher number of students participate in ERASMUS + mobility programmes.

In the near future, we need to ensure the continuity of the Faculty’s development, as well as the deepening of change processes, in line with the requirements of human civilisation in the 21st century, based on the knowledge society. We are part of an institution that belongs to the category of advanced research and education universities, and the Faculty has to consolidate the status that it has acquired in the educational process, as well as to ensure its ongoing evolution for the achievement of excellence in education and research in the field of Economics and Business Administration.

Prof. Dinu Airinei, PhD
Dean of the Faculty of Economics și Business Administration