Dean’s Message

Being a FEAA student is a privilege that entails a series of responsibilities. If you chose us, be proud of your decision, respect the faculty and the community you now belong to because throughout its history, many generations of professors and students have worked together so that FEAA becomes what it is today: a benchmark for the economic higher education in Romania. Their efforts need to be carried on and once you enter this community, it is mandatory to take the responsibility of being a member of this process. The dynamics of the economic environment has triggered the change of the employability paradigm which means that we do not only train graduates who will easily adjust to the high demands of the labour market but most importantly, we form graduates who will create their own jobs. Our goal is to transform you in people who can think and act independently and who have the sense of duty and responsibility towards the society they live in.

Education must be perceived as a valuable gift and not as an overwhelming duty. The importance of education in a faculty does not refer to knowledge acquisition but to training the mind in order to know and understand what cannot be found in a textbook. Information and competence are not mutually exclusive terms. You cannot be truly competitive if you are not informed. And, vice versa, information is a heavy and useless baggage if you do not know when and where to use it. At FEAA, we wish that education should include a third term: training as a way to shape the personality, to create the “holistic” human being, by infusing values, good taste, decency and community engagement. Our aim is to form real people who are more than professionals in their field of activity and “resourceful” persons with “lucrative skills”; they are the result of a team effort of integrated training. We believe that the training of our students as adult members taking part in the society’s life is achieved only when, apart from their transformation into valuable specialists, we have also contributed to the development of their critical thinking and confidence, translated into their ability to make decisions under any circumstances.

In this regard, I urge you to be brave and think for yourselves! For our part, I assure you that the objectives of all involved in the educational process in our faculty are convergent because WE MUST WIN TOGETHER!

Prof. Cristina-Teodora Roman, PhD
Dean of the Faculty of Economics și Business Administration