PhD Admission

The Doctoral School of Economics and Business Administration (SDEAA) organizes entrance exams for the academic year 2023/2024

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  • Candidates’enrollment (submission of files)
  • Candidates’selection
  • Display of results

Competition tests:

  1. Research project (50%);
  2. Interview (50%).

Evaluation of the research project (50%):

The candidate’s research proposal includes the following aspects:

  1. Introduction – background and research motivation, necessary knowledge, scientific and/or economic utility of research;
  2. Proposed doctoral thesis – the topic, the main question/ main issue of the research study,closely related to the current state of knowledge in the respective field;
  3. Objectives – what the candidate proposes, expected results, personal contribution to the development of the field;
  4. Methodology- what methods and techniques are to be used, interdisciplinary aspects etc;
  5. Bibliographical references;
  6. Previous results.

Interview (50%):

The interview consists in presenting the scientific results and the doctoral research project in front of a specialized committee.

The project should be built on research topics/directions from the chosen field.

The enrollment file will contain:

  • The application form in which the option for the coordinator will be specified including his/her agreement;
    curriculum vitae;
  • List of candidate’s scientific papers (if it is the case);
  • Certificate of knowledge of a foreign language, issued by the Faculty of Letters „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi, maximum 2 years before the entrance exam, except those who graduated from a single or double specialization with a foreign language, from an accredited faculty, or those who passed one of the tests DALF, TOEFEL or other international recognized certificated tests;
  • Certified copy of the birth certificate;
  • Copy of the identity card;
  • Certified copy of the marriage certificate/name change, if it is the case;
  • Certified copy of the baccalaureate diploma or equivalent;
  • Certified copy of the bachelor’s degree and the enrollment sheet;
  • Original Master degree diploma or equivalent and original enrolment sheet ( for the graduates of the current academic year only the graduation certificate and the school situation issued by the the secretariates are necessary);
  • 3 photos type ID;
  • Receipt of the registration fee
  • File –envelope type, white;
  • Research project in printed and electronic form, doc file, on CD.

NOTA: When enrolling, the files must contain all required documents!

Candidates are enrolled at the School Secretariate:

R Building, „Alexandru Ioan Cuza“ University of Iasi
14, Lapusneanu Street, 4th floor, office 42
Telefon: 0232/201744

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