Scientific Research Centres

RESEARCH STRATEGY of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration – period 2021-2024



CCF Research Centre in Finance (Senat)

Ph.D. Professor Onofrei Mihaela (contact details: Tel: 0232.201429, e-mail: , office B 425, Building B)

CESINCON Centre for Advanced Information System, Financial Reporting and Accounting (Senat)

Ph.D. Professor Fotache Marin (date de contact: Tel: 0232.201430, e-mail: , office B 420, Building B)

CCS Research Centre in Statistics


Ph.D. Professor Pintilescu Carmen (date de contact: Tel: 0232.201416, e-mail: , office B 321, Building B)

CCECA Research Centre in Economics and Business Communication (Senat)

Ph.D. Professor Pohoata Ion (date de contact: Tel. 0232.201609, e-mail: , office B 423, Building B)

CCREISE Research Centre in International Economic Relations and European Studies (Senat)

Ph.D. Professor Pascariu Carmen Gabriela (date de contact: Tel: 0232.201402, e-mail: , office B 319, Building B)

CEMEX Research Centre in Management (Senat)

Ph.D. Professor Zait Adriana (date de contact: Tel: 0232.201437, e-mail: , office B609, Building B)

RPA@FEAA Robotic Process Automation Research Group of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Ph.D. Professor Georgescu Mircea (date de contact: Tel: 0232.201587, e-mail:, office B304, Building B)

CBS Center for Balkan Studies

Ph.D. Lecturer Jijie Tudor (contact details: Tel: 0232.201441,e-mail: , office B526, Building B)

Interdisciplinary Research and Knowledge Management Laboratory – IRKML

Ph.D. Professor ,habil Andrei Andreia Gabriela ( /; mobil +40 722988574)