Undergraduate Admission 2022

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Competition of files

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Necesary documents

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Study Programmes in English

Within FEAA there are two study programs taught entirely in English

FEAA’s Educational Offer

Competition of files

  • Hierarchy depending on the general average of the Baccalaureate exam

Registration, selection and results

July Session

  • July 2022 – candidates’ registration
  • July 2022 – candidates’ selection and results – Stage 1

September Session

  • September 2022 – candidates’ registration
  • September 2022 – candidates’ selection and results

Documents required for registration

  • Baccalaureate Diploma (original document) or another equivalent diploma recognised by the Ministry of National Education or Certificate of Equivalence issued by the National Centre for Recognition and Equivalence of Study Diplomas (when candidates do not submit original copies of diplomas, they have to submit a certificate issued by the Faculty which received the original copies);
  • Transcript of grades, original copy;
  • Birth certificate, original document and photocopy;
  • Marriage Certificate or another document that certifies name change (if applicable), original document and photocopy;
  • Standard medical certificate issued within the past 6 months, specifying the candidate’s medical condition (whether he/ she is registered as a patient with chronic diseases, and what diseases they are, if any);
  • Certificate indicating the number of semesters attended as a non-tuition paying/tuition paying student and the number of semesters when the candidate benefited from a scholarship, in the case of students/ graduates/ expelled students, if applicable;
  • Receipt of the registration fee;
  • 2 identity card photos (2/2,5);
  • Original ID card and photocopy of it, attesting residence in Romania/ Passport (Candidates from the EU, the European Economic Area and Switzerland).

* For photocopied documents, candidates will present the original documents as well.

Registration fee

250 LEI, for enrollment at FEAA;
125 LEI, for territorial registration (Piatra Neamţ and Botoşani).

The registration fee can be paid at the Cash Desks within the Faculty or in any BRD agency in the country in the RO68 BRDE 240SV 8953 4452 400 account with the following details:

  • cod 28 – taxa admitere (registration fee)

°cod 1231 licenţă IF (full-time education);
°cod 2206 licenţă ID (distance learning).

Education fees valid in academic year 2022/2023

4.000 LEI / year– for university education with frequency IF and for distance education – ID.

Study Programmes in English

Within FEAA there are two study programmes taught entirely in English: Business Administration and Economics and Finance.

Candidates registered for these study programmes will take a language test (a multiple choice test) to verify their mastery of English.
Additional informatiosn at: Elearning FEAA Blackboard | ShareBoot Theme by TopSharePoint.com.

Candidates who hold an English language certificate, issued by institutions recognised by the Ministry of Education within the past years (2019-2022).

For any information regarding Undergraduate Programmes, please contact the tutors.

Where can you find us?

You can contact us via e-mail at admiterelicenta2022@feaa.uaic.ro or by phone at 0232 201102, inside 2070 (Faculty senior secretary),  0232 201588 (EAI; IE), 0232 201589 (ECTS; MGM), 0232 201070 (BA), 0232 201568 (CIG), 0232 201408 (FB),  0232 201102 inside 2448 (MKT), 0232 201607 (SPE, AP), 0232 201419 and 0232 201626 (distance education).

You can find us at FEAA, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iasi, Carol I Blv, No. 22, B Building