Student organizations

There are several student organizations within the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. They offer a meeting place for their members and orgazize various activities. The organizations operating in our faculty are as follows:

The Economist Students’ League, Iasi – LSE

The Association “The Economist Students’ League, Iasi (LSE Iasi)” is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-political organization, whose mission is to support and promote the FEAA students’socio-professional interests.

The League benefits from regognition from the part of „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi, playing an important role in the modernization process of higher education and aiming to improve the framework for the development of teaching activities.

President: Lucian MUȘAT

22, Carol I Avenue, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, B Building, groundfloor
Web:  |  E-mail:  |  Telefon: 0758 469 075  |  Facebook


AIESEC is a non-profit and non- political global organization run by students and recent graduates from higher education institutions. The AIESEC members are interested in global issues, leadership and management. AIESEC does not discriminate people on the basis of race, skin color, sex, sexual orientation, beliefs, religion, ethnic or social origins.

President: Irina FILIPOAIA

22 Carol I Avenue, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, B Building, Room B606
Web:  |  E-mail:  |  Telefon: 0332 410875  |  Facebook

CEAI (The Community of Economy and International Relations)

The Community of Economy and International Relations is an association that aims to organize projects and events that take into account the members’ personal and professional development, namely the representation of the students enrolled in Bachelor, Master and Doctoral courses in Economics and International Relations, from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, ,,Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași.

President: Tudor Mugurel AURSULESEI

22, Carol I, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, B Building
E-mail:  |  Telefon: 0744 935397 |  Facebook