Assoc. Daniela Viorică, PhD.
Lect. Mircea Asandului, PhD.

We live in an information society. We produce and analyse a wide variety of data. Computer processing capacity of is steadily growing and the collected data are increasingly various and complex. The demand for specialists able to manage large databases and to extract information via statistical methods is on a steady increase as well. We are witnessing the development of new skills and trades. Concepts such as Big Data, Data Science and Analytics trace the coordinates of top professions of the present and of the future. The Statistics and Economic Forecasting programme addresses these needs. The programme prepares graduates with abilities and knowledge in the field of data collection and analysis, probabilistic calculation, databases and statistical software packages.


  • First semester
    Fundamentals of Accounting
    Applied Mathematics for Economics
    Business Law
    English / French / German for Business 1
    Business Software Instruments

    Second semester
    Fundamentals of Statistics
    End-User Computing
    Financial Accounting
    English / French / German for Business 2
    Internship (Accounting, Informatics, Statistics)

  • First semester
    Mathematical Probabilities and Statistics
    Statistical Software Packages
    English / French / German for Business 3

    Second semester
    Money and Credit
    Fundamentals of Statistical and Econometric Research
    English / French / German for Business 4
    Field-Specific Internship

  • First semester
    Multivariate Statistics
    Statistical Survey Theory and Practice
    Qualitative Variable Statistics
    Time Series Analysis
    Statistical Questionnaire
    Financial Econometrics

    Second semester
    Financial Market Statistics
    Quantitative Methods in Market Research
    Statistics and Economic and Financial Modelling
    Spatial Statistics
    Introduction to Data Mining

The Statistics and Economic Forecasting (SPE) study programme is addressed to persons interested in a successful career as data analysts in: market and opinion research companies, banks and insurance institutions, service companies (outsourcing), IT companies, as well as multinational companies. We are looking for students interested in logical and critical thinking, analysis and synthesis capacity, flexibility and adaptability, teamwork and innovation.
SPE graduates will master a powerful and universal working tool – statistical language. They will be able to work anywhere, irrespective of the field, country or language. The acquired competencies can be used in practice immediately after employment. For Statistics, there is no distance between theory and practice. Our students constantly benefit from internships in companies interested in statisticians. We train the specialists of the current moment and of the future – graduates with practical skills based on solid specialised knowledge.