Reviste Științifice

Scientific Annals of Economics and Business

(ISSN: 2501-1960 Print, ISSN: 2501-3165 Online) – is a peer-reviewed international open-access journal which publish scientific/academic papers that covers a broad spectrum of issues related with business and economics. The year of the first issue is 1954. The SAEB is issued 3 times a year.




Review of Economic and Business Studies

(ISSN: 1843-763X, ISSN-L: 2068-7249) – is the semiannual peer-review journal of the Doctoral School of Economics and Business Administration of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University – Iași, Romania. The REBS aims at promoting an interdisciplinary approach on a large range of topics covering economic phenomena and the major intellectual trends in Economics and Business Administration.



Journal of Public Administration, Finance and Law

(ISSN: 2285-2204 Print, ISSN–L: 2285-3499 Online) is a peer reviewed, open access journal that presents an interdisciplinary approach in public administration, finance and law, on different lines of analysis, following the philosophy of international interdisciplinary journals. The JOPAFL is published twice a year.