Research in Business and Economics

Prof. Ion Pohoaţă, PhD.
Prof. Cristian Popescu, PhD.

Micro and Macroeconomics, General Finance, Statistics, Mathematics Applied to Business


  • Compulsory Courses
    Research Methods and Techniques
    Differential Calculus and Differential Equations for Economic Analysis
    Advanced Microeconomics
    Advanced Econometrics
    Institutions and Markets
    Advanced Macroeconomics
    Time Series Analysis
    Elements of Control Theory and Stochastic Calculation for Economic Analysis
    Fundamentals of Economic Thinking
    Academic Writing
  • Compulsory Courses
    Elements of Economic Epistemology
    Research Projects
    Elective Courses for the PhD Field of Economics, Economics and International Business, Finance
    Bayesian Statistics
    International Macroeconomics
    Financial Markets and Corporate Strategy
    Financial Econometrics
    International Investment
    Theory of Economic Cycles
    Elective Courses for the PhD Fields of Statistics, Management, Marketing
    Bayesian Statistics
    Quantitative Analysis and Marketing Forecast
    Performance Management
    Theory and Practice of Statistical Surveys
    Advanced Marketing Seminar
    Decision-Making Theories in Management
    Elective Courses for the PhD Fields of Accounting and Economic Informatics
    Intelligent Systems
    Research Trends in Accounting and Audit
    Decision-Making Assisting Systems
    Financial Reporting, Globalization and Sustainable Development
    Information and Knowledge Management
    Accounting Research in Results Management

The programme Research in Economics and Business is designed to meet the needs of excellence training and advanced knowledge acquisition in the field of Economics and Business, to develop skills and abilities specific to high-class researchers, trainers and specialists. The attractiveness of the Master’s programme consists in the fact that it offers a high number of courses that are essential for pursuing PhD studies. Therefore, a good number of prospective PhD students may wish to attend this training programme. At the same time, this study programme provides solid training for graduates interested in building a didactic or research career in the economic field.