Doctoral School of Economics and Business Administration

The Doctoral School of Economics and Business Administration (DSEBA) was established on September 1, 2005, although doctoral education has existed in our faculty for over three decades. Today, it is an active academic community due to its 38 doctoral coordinators, 92 research mentors and over 120 registered doctoral students. The doctoral programs are supported by the effort and involvement of the professors and researchers from the four departments of the faculty: Economics and International Relations; Accounting, Economic Informatics and Statistics; Finance, Money and Public Administration; Business Management, Marketing and Administration. The doctoral school has the mission to provide the company with benchmarks for development through advanced research in economics and business administration.

Through the eight doctoral fields, the doctoral school creates the theoretical and methodological competences necessary to facilitate the construction of solutions, analyzes and studies at the micro and macroeconomic level. For this, students prepared to face the challenges of critical thinking, academic excellence and the inter-contextual perspective are expected. The doctoral program consists of three years of scientific education and research work, for the benefit of personal development and society.

If you are passionate about research, we invite you to join us,
Prof. dr. Adriana Zaiţ,
DSEBA Director

Council of the Doctoral School of Economics and Business Administration

ensures the operational management for the smooth functioning of the doctoral process. The composition is:

  • Director, Prof. univ. dr. Adriana ZAIŢ – UAIC
  • Prof. univ. dr. Daniela-Tatiana AGHEORGHIESEI – UAIC
  • Prof. univ. dr. Mircea GEORGESCU – UAIC
  • Prof.univ.dr. Ovidiu STOICA – UAIC
  • Doctorand Gicu Cristian TERZA – UAIC
  • Doctorand Aurelia ILIEȘ – UAIC

List of PhD supervisors by field:


Professor, PhD., Dinu Airinei,; 0232/201071
Professor, PhD., Anca Laura Asandului; 0232/201629
Professor, PhD., Ana Grama*; 0232/201392
Professor, PhD., Carmen Elena Pintilescu; 0232/201627
Professor, PhD., Vasile Dănuţ Jemna; 0232/201410
Professor, PhD., Mircea Asandului;; 0232/201584
Professor, PhD., Elisabeta Jaba*; 0232/201409
Professor, PhD. habil. Mariana Hatmanu ​; 0232/201629


Professor, PhD., Iuliana Eugenia Georgescu; 0232/201391
Professor, PhD., Marinela Mironiuc; 0232/201454
Professor, PhD., Ioan Andone*; 0232/201601
​Professor, PhD., hab. Mihai Carp ​; ​0232/201389
Professor, PhD.,  Emil Horomnea*; 0232/201391
Professor, PhD., hab. Leontina Păvăloaia ​; ​0232/201424
​Professor, PhD., hab. Ioan-Bogdan Robu ​; ​0721248795
Professor, PhD., Neculai Tabǎrǎ*; 0232/201601
Professor, PhD. habil. Costel Istrate ​; ​0232/201599
​​Assoc., PhD. Maria Carmen Huian ​; ​0232/201394


Professor, PhD., Ion Ignat*; 0232/201609
Professor, PhD., Ion Pohoaţă*; 0232/201397
Professor, PhD., Cristian Popescu; 0232/201399
Professor, PhD., Laura Maxim; 0232/201399
Professor, PhD., Andreea-Oana Iacobuță Mihăiță; 0232/201401
Professor, PhD., Victor Ploae*; 0241/617117
Assoc., PhD. habil. Mihaela Ifrim ​; 0232/201393


Professor, PhD., Gabriela Carmen Pascariu; 0232/201402
Professor, PhD., Liviu George Maha; 0232/201412
Lecturer, PhD. Adrian Vasile Horodnic ​; ​0744810766
Professor, PhD., Spiridon Pralea*; 0232/201393


Professor, PhD., Vasile Cocriş*; 0232/201451
Professor, PhD., Mihaela Onofrei; 0232/201429
Professor, PhD., Ovidiu Stoica; 0232/201433
Professor, PhD., Alin Andries
Professor, PhD., Sebastian Bogdan Capraru; 0232/201610
Professor, PhD., Sorin Gabriel Anton; 0723149039


Professor, PhD., Florin Dumitriu; 0232/201585
Professor, PhD., Gabriela Mesnita; 0232/201585
Professor, PhD., Dumitru Oprea*; 0232/201415
Professor, PhD., Marin Fotache; 0232/201430
Professor, PhD., Mircea Radu Georgescu; 0232/201587
Professor, PhD., Alexandru Tugui; 0232/201600
Professor, PhD., Vasile-Daniel Păvăloaia; 0232/201586
Assoc., PhD., Laura Diana Radu; 0232/2016413
Assoc., PhD., Daniel Homocianu; 0232/201443
Assoc., PhD., Sabina-Cristiana Necula; 0232/201657
Professor, PhD., habil. Octavian Dospinescu ​; ​0232/201657
Professor, PhD., habil. Daniela Popescul ​; ​0232/201392


Professor, PhD., Daniela Tatiana Agheorghiesei; 0232/201445
Professor, PhD., Maria Viorica Bedrule Grigoruta; 0232/201436
Professor, PhD., Valentin Nita; 0232/201453
Professor, PhD., Adriana Prodan; 0232/201436
Professor, PhD., Teodora Roman; 0232/201404
Professor, PhD., Panaite Nica*; 0232/201065
Professor, PhD., Dumitru Zaiţ*; 0323/201437
Professor, PhD., habil. Ştefan Andrei Neştian ​; ​0232/201065


Professor, PhD., Ştefan Prutianu; 0232/201438
Professor, PhD., Adriana Zaiţ; 0232/201437
Professor, PhD., Adriana Manolică; 0232/201404
Professor, PhD., Andreia-Gabriela Andrei; 0722988574
Professor, PhD., Ioana Alexandra Horodnic;
Professor, PhD., Emil Maxim*; 0232/201407
Professor, PhD., Constantin Sasu*; 0232/201442


Professor, PhD., habil. Ana-Maria Bercu ​; ​0232/202377
Professor, PhD., habil. Florin Oprea ​; ​0232/201447
​Professor, PhD., Mihaela Tofan ​; ​0232/201429

The star for certain professors indicates that they don’t take new doctoral students, they just finish coordinating the students they already have.


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DSEBA Director
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