Tourism Management

Prof. Valentin Niţă, PhD.


  • Compulsory Courses
    Market Research in Tourism
    Tourism and Regional and Local Development
    Hospitality Industry
    Project Management
    Business English 1
    Elective Courses – five courses from the package
    Business Accounting
    Business Informatics
    Business Finance
    Organisational Management
    Operational and Strategic Marketing
    Business Statistics
    Strategic Management
    Introduction to Business for Tourism
    Business Communication in English
  • Compulsory Courses
    Human Resources Recruitment, Selection and Development
    Front office
    International Tourism
    Tourist Destination Geography and Management
    Business English 2
    Business Ethics and Consumer Protection
    Tourist Events Management
    Development and Trade of Tourist Products
    Research Internship


The Master’s study programme MANAGEMENT IN TOURISM provides opportunities to graduates of any field of higher education who intend to pursue their education in the industry of tourism, allowing students to develop their intellectual, professional and personal skills specific to a career in tourism.


• Tourist projects management;
• Development and trade of tourist products by means of travel agencies (virtual or not), within marketing departments, or within clients relations services in hotel structures;
• Development of analytic and decision-making skills;
• Solve ethics issues in tourism business and protect the company’s reputation.


Travel agent, customer adviser, tourist market analyst, product manager, sales manager.

This study program also allows access to other business sectors such as finance and research and development. It opens up career opportunities in all business areas (industry, tourism, services) both in Romania and abroad.