Statistics and Actuary in Insurance and Health Care

Prof. Carmen Pintilescu, PhD.
Assoc. Viorica Chirilă, PhD.

Fundamentals of Statistics, Econometrics


  • Compulsory Courses
    Modelling (Time series, Length Models, Econometrics of qualitative variables)
    Statistics (Survey Theory, Data analysis, Variance analysis)
    French 1
    The Economics of Insurance and Health Care 1 (The Economics of Health Care, The Economics of Property Insurance, Actuarial Mathematics in HealthCare and Property Insurance)
    Informatics 1 (Databases 1, Programming SAS, SPSS)
    Risk and Decision-making (Economics for Decision Making, Portfolio and Risk Management, Financial Mathematics)
    Statistics and modelling (Applied statistics, Simulation Methods, Stochastic Processes)
    Professional practices (French, Initiation in Research Methodology)
    The Economics of Insurance and Health Care 2 (The Economics of Health Care, The Economics of Health Insurance, Demographics and Epidemiology, Actuarial Mathematics in Health Insurance)
    Informatics 2 (Databases 2, Algorithms, Statistic software SAS)

  • Compulsory courses
    Programming and Decision-making Informatics (Decision-making Information Systems, Advanced Programming SAS, Actuarial Calculus VBA)
    Advanced Statistics 2 (Generalised Linear Models, Non-Parametric Estimation)
    Professional Practice 3 (Insurance Companies Management, Healthcare Institutions Management)
    Accounting and Information Systems (Balance Sheet Analysis, Information Systems in Healthcare)
    Risk Assessment and Management (Economic Theory of Risk, Financial Stochastic Theories, Non-Life Actuary)
    Internship 1 or Research Project
    Internship 2 or Research Project
    Internship 3 or Research Project

  • The curriculum applies to Masters in promotion 2016/2018

Statistics and Actuary in Insurance and HealthCare is a joint-degree programme between FEAA and IRIAF (Institut des Risques Industriels, Assurantiels et Financiers) of Niort, France, an institute developed at the University of Poitiers, in partnership with major insurance companies in France. SAIH graduates can obtain, under certain conditions, a double degree from the University of Iaşi and Poitiers. The Romanian and French students who wish to receive a double degree have to be enrolled at both universities. In both academic centres, teaching activities are held by Romanian and French teaching staff members and professionals.

Courses focus on the quantitative methods and software tools (SPSS, SAS) used in the operations conducted by insurance companies and health institutions; equally, large sections focus on IT (Databases, Visual Basic), project management and specialised organisations management etc. Romanian students can study in France from one semester to the entire study programme. The programme includes a one-semester internship in French insurance companies.

The internship in the fourth semester is completed with a report comprising the result of the practice and research activities conducted.