Banks and Financial Markets

Prof. Ovidiu Stoica, PhD
Prof. Bogdan Căpraru, PhD.


  • Compulsory courses
    Monetary Policies
    Banking Products and Services Market
    Capital market institutions and regulations
    Retail Banking
    Portfolio Management
    Corporate Banking
    Banking Risk Management
    Modeling in financial markets
    Real-Estate Financing
    Elective Courses
    International Banking
    Enterprise evaluation
    Supplementary courses
    Corporate Governance and Internal Control System/ European Financial Law
    The educational plan is valid for the first year of study (2021/2022)
  • Compulsory courses
    Modern banking instruments for payments and credits
    Investment Banking
    Banking Audit
    European financial markets
    Banking Policies and Strategies
    Strategies in financial derivatives markets
    Financing of small and medium enterprises
    Ethics and academic integrity and research for Master’s Thesis Preparation
    Elective Courses
    Research Methods in Finance
    Behavioural Finance
    Supplementary courses
    Strategic management
    The educational plan is valid for the 2nd year of study (2021/2022)

The Master’s Program “Banking and Financial Markets” aims to train high-level specialists with competencies in the study and analysis of banking and finance and in capital markets.
The program is designed both for the students seeking a career in Banking and Finance, and for those interested in building an academic career, at national and international level.

The graduates of the Banking and Financial Markets Master’s have secure prospects for integration into the job market, as the banking and capital market activities are constantly expanding and diversifying at national and international level, while increasingly requiring highly trained specialists.

The Banking and Financial Markets Master’s is an option to choose as:

  • In recent years, there has been increasing concern from financial and banking institutions to recruit well-trained students even before graduation;
  • The Master’s program has signed internship protocols with a significant number of banks and institutions in the field capital market, where students have the opportunity to combine the theoretical and practical knowledge under the guidance of tutors from these institutions;
  • The tutors and internship coordinators are concerned with seeking internship partnerships for students and increasing the job market insertion of students and graduates;
  • The lectures and the seminars are held by highly experienced university professors, as well as visiting professors from in the United States of America, Italy, and France;
  • The students can participate in events and meetings with specialists from the finance-banking environment.