The classic role of management is to complete work through people, but the current management means to train people through work, bringing the best people in front of the best opportunities. The BA programme in Management contributes decisively to the students’ development of entrepreneurial, managerial and leadership skills and it helps them become successful persons, according to their vocation. The objective of the programme is to train specialists in how business organisations operate, and future leaders capable to start, run and develop a business through their solid theoretical knowledge, practical skills, specific mentalities and competences.


  • First semester
    Fundamentals of Accounting
    Applied Mathematics for Economics
    Business Law
    English / French / German for Business 1
    Business Information Technology
    Sports 1
    Second semester
    Fundamentals of Statistics
    End-User Computing
    Financial Accounting
    English / French / German for Business 2
    Sports 2
    Supplementary courses (Personal finances; Elementary mathematics)
    The educational plan is valid for the first year of study (2024/2025)
  • First semester
    Organizational Behaviour
    Communication and Business Negotiation
    English / French / German for Business 3
    Writing and Research in Management
    Sports 3
    Second semester
    Entrepreneurial Education
    Money and Credit
    Quality Management
    Human Resource Management
    English / French / German for Business 4
    Sports 4
    The educational plan is valid for the 2nd year of study (2024/2025)
  • First semester
    Financial Management
    Sales Techniques
    Production and Operations Management
    Management of Investments
    Supply Chain Management
    Business Projects

    Second semester
    Management Games
    Project Management
    Diagnosis and Evaluation
    International Management
    Small Business Development and Management
    Electives ( Strategic analysis of competitive environment; Innovation management; Ethics and academic integrity) – 1 out of 3
    The educational plan is valid for the 3rd year of study (2024/2025)

This study programme is addressed to those who wish to develop personal and professional skills useful in managing a business and in developing a career in management. Management provides an integrated perspective on: the functioning of organisation components, their economic and financial issues, and people management methods in organisations.
Personal development will occur along three dimensions: economics skills will be formed mainly in the first two years; business start-up and management skills will be developed through specialised disciplines in the field of Management, while interpersonal and leadership skills will be acquired via relevant, targeted courses as well as through practical activities carried out during the seminars of several disciplines.
As students, you will be supported and encouraged to combine theoretical training with the practical development of management skills through internships, mentoring, student activities or part-time jobs.