The Finance and Banking programme is one of the basic pillars of FEAA and in time, it has become a standard of financial education, providing full-time and distance-education students with skills in capital provision and use, and rational risk prevention instinct development. These qualities are required by diverse and sophisticated employers, ranging from giant corporations to small businesses, banks and financial institutions, consulting and audit entities, or insurance companies. As a result of the notoriety that this field of specialisation has earned over more than half a century, the professionalism of our graduates has become a constant presence in the business environment, providing ongoing financial assistance for the normal functioning of financial and banking markets.


  • First semester
    Fundamentals of Accounting
    Applied Mathematics for Economics
    Business Law
    English/French/German for Business 1
    Business Information Technology
    Sports 1
    Second semester
    Fundamentals of Statistics
    End-User Computing
    Financial Accounting
    English/French/German for Business 2
    Sports 2
    Supplementary courses
    Fundamentals of Mathematics
    Personal Finance
    The educational plan is valid for the first year of study (2024/2025)
  • First semester
    Corporate Finance
    Fundamentals of Insurance for Goods and Persons
    English/French/German for Business 3
    Sports 3
    Second semester
    Public Finance
    Banking Systems and Operations
    Capital Markets
    Money and Credit
    English/French/German for Business 4
    Sports 4
    The educational plan is valid for the 2nd year of study (2024/2025)
  • First semester
    Banking Principles and Techniques
    International Foreign Exchange and Financial Relations
    Financial Derivates Markets
    European Financial and Monetary Integration
    Banking and Financial Control
    Optional courses 1 out of 2
    Introduction to the methodology of scientific research
    Ethics and academic integrity
    Second semester
    Financial Management
    Banking Management
    Financial and Banking International Institutions
    Budget and Taxation
    Investment Financing
    Electives (Treasury management and public debit management; Local Finance; Financial-banking law) – 1 out of 3
    Electives  (Bachelor thesis methodology; Project) – 1 out of 2

    The educational plan is valid for the 3rd year of study (2024/2025)

– Credit analyst/Account manager;
– Financial analyst/Investment analyst;
– Banking/Fiscal/Insurance advisor;
– Stock broker/Financial investments agent;
– Tax inspector, risk capital agent;
– Public sector internal auditor /External auditor;
– Real estate broker.
– Commercial/investment banks, stock exchanges;
– Insurance and financial consulting companies;
– investment management companies;
– Financial-accounting departments;
– The National Bank of Romania;
– The Financial Supervisory Authority;
– The National Agency for Fiscal Administration;
– Competition Board, Court of Accounts;
– Regional Public Finance General Directorates.