Negotiations – Public Relations

Prof. Adriana Manolică, PhD.
Assoc. Claudia Stoian, PhD.


  • Compulsory Courses
    Personal Marketing
    Public Relations
    Organisational Behaviour
    Organisational Communication
    Elective Courses – five courses from package
    Business Accounting
    Business Informatics
    Business Finance
    Organisational Management
    Operational and Strategic Marketing
    Business Statistics
  • Compulsory Courses
    Qualitative Marketing Analysis
    Negotiation Techniques
    International Management Communication
    Relational Marketing
    Research in Consumer Behaviour
    On-line Communication
    International Marketing Strategies

Our Mission

The Master’s Programme Negotiations – Public Relations focuses on training university graduates in the field of negotiations and public relations and on ensuring the development of practical skills that allow them to access this highly targeted market.

The objectives of the Negotiations – Public Relations programme are:
• Create skills and practical abilities that allow the graduates to fit easily into the labour market;
• Ensure competences that certify the graduates’ qualification level in the field of Negotiations – Public Relations;
• Highlight the role of economic communication and economic language in professional training and development;
• Promote the field of Negotiations – Public Relations and strengthen its prestige;

The graduates of this Master’s programme have access to any business field that involves negotiations and public relations operations (entrepreneurs, sales managers, area sales managers, team leaders, account managers, PR, middle & top management). Professionals in insurance, FMCG, retail, B2B, banking, services, law, could also benefit from acquiring the newest information in the field.

The training program focuses on acquiring research knowledge in negotiations and public relations, which opens access to jobs in business consultancy offices, as well as academic research.