Marketing and Communication in Business

First Year: Assoc. Iuliana Claudia Stoian, PhD.
Second Year: Assoc. Oana Carmen Ţugulea, PhD.


  • Compulsory Courses
    Brand Management
    Negociation Techniques
    Marketing Qualitative Methods
    Digital Marketing
    Price Strategies
    Sales Management
    Consumer Psychology
    Ethics and academic integrity
    Supplementary courses
    Conflicts Management
    Rewards Management
    The educational plan is valid for the first year of study (2021/2022)
  • Compulsory Courses
    Advanced Business English
    Research Stage / Documentation and Preparation of Dissertation
    Online promoting
    Organizational Communication
    Content Marketing
    Public Relations
    Optional courses: 1 out of 2
    Experiential Marketing
    Optional courses: 1 out of 3
    Financial Analysis
    Project Management
    Intercultural Communication
    Optional courses: 1 out of 2
    Social Marketing
    Economic Intelligence
    Supplementary courses
    Intercultural Communication in a Foreign Language 1 or 2
    Geopolitics and Business Environments
    The educational plan is valid for the 2nd year of study (2021/2022)

The Master’s in Marketing and Communication in Business is designed for:

• Graduates of the fundamental field Economics from accredited universities;
• Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in fields other than Economics, interested in acquiring specialised training in Marketing;
• Business professionals, university graduates, practitioners;
• Graduates who intend to pursue their education through PhD programmes or other research programmes.

The study programme Marketing and Communication in Business trains students to take up positions that involve extra- and intra-organisational communication (Advertising, PR, Sales, Human Resource, and Informatics and Intercultural applications).

The students have the opportunity to participate in student exchange programs, through:

• Study internships abroad;
• Practice internships in specialised companies abroad;
• Study visits and exchanges of expertise;
• Participation in courses and lectures delivered by visiting professors;
• Joint-programs concluded by the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University with partner European universities.