Business Administration

Prof. Teodora Roman, PhD.
Associate Gabriela Boldureanu, PhD.


  • Compulsory Courses
    Business Start Up
    Organizational Communication
    Business Law
    Project Management
    Business Information Systems
    Elective Courses – five courses from the package
    Business Accounting
    Management Information Systems
    Business Finance
    Organizational Management
    Operational and Strategic Marketing
    Business Statistics
    Supplementary courses
    Intercultural Comunication in a Foreign Language (level 1 or 2)
    Conflicts Management; Real Estate Business Management
    The educational plan is valid for the first year of study (2021/2022)
  • Compulsory Courses
    Creativity and Innovation in Project Management
    International Business Environment
    Quality Management
    Recruiting, Selection and Development HRU
    Acquisitions Management
    Ethics and Academic Integrity
    Research Stage and Disertation Design
    Elective Courses – one course from the package
    Organizational Diagnosis
    Customer Relationship Management
    Elective Courses – one course from the package
    Performance and Risk in Business
    Digital Marketing
    Elective Courses – one course from the package
    Organizational Behavior
    Ethics and Social Responsibility
    Supplementary course
    Rewards Management
    Geopolitics and Business Environments
    The educational plan is valid for the 2nd year of study (2021/2022)

At present, there is high demand for specialists in business administration both in Romania and in the European market, especially with regards to small and medium-sized companies.

The Master’s programme in Business Administration is designed particularly to meet this demand, focusing on training specialists able to understand and manage the problems faced by companies by providing those skills and competencies that allow real-time reaction to difficult situations, within the troubled environment of today’s world, expertise in managing organisational resources, entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility, or the ability to relate.

The study programme allows access to any position at company level, ranging from trade, finance-accounting, production, and marketing. Career opportunities are thus available in all business fields (industry, distribution, services, etc.).


• Develop strategic and leadership skills within local and global contexts;
• Train strategic approaches by applying specialised knowledge and using specialised information sources;
• Train effective and persuasive organisational communication skills;
• Ensure high level understanding and adoption of social responsibility and sustainable business development;
• Develop relation management skills with business partners.

“A new business world, new working ways, new problem solving approaches. The present-day success formula in business is: make profit by identifying the best resources and use them as effectively as possible, use the blue ocean strategy. For all of that, one has to be well trained and master information about our troubled and dynamic business environment. Business Administration could be a key to success.”
Prof. Dumitru OPREA, PhD.