The main building of the Faculty is in the B building of the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași, located at 22, Copou Avenue. The Faculty’s Academic Registrars’ Offices and most administrative units, including the FEBA Library, are located on the first floor. On the ground floor you can find FEBA’s Network Server Department and the Academic Registrar’s Office for the Department of Economics and International Relations, as well as the Academic Registrar’s Office for the Accounting, Business Information Systems and Statistics Department.

Apart from the B building, teaching activities at BA and MA level are also carried out in the C building of the University, while PhD courses and some MA courses are scheduled in the R (Romtelecom) building of the University.

Directions for visitors

If you travel by plane, the most convenient way to reach FEBA is by taxi. The taxi fare does not usually exceed 20 lei (less than 5 euros).

If you travel by train to Iasi, the taxi fare from the railway station to FEBA is likely to be around 15 lei or less (less than 4 euros). Alternatively, from the ”Gară” (railway station) tram you can get on tram no. 3 or 7 to ”Piața Unirii” (Union Square), where you get off and get on tram 1 or 13 in the opposite direction (to Copou). Another option is to get on bus 36, across the street from the railway station (opposite McDonald’s) which brings you directly to the University. Tickets (valid on both buses and trams) can be purchased from the tram stop in front of the railway station (a two-ride ticket costs 4 ron, less than 1 euro). Tickets must be validated inside the tram or bus.

If you travel by coach, bus or minibus (maxi taxi), the above directions are valid as well because Vama Veche bus station – the main bus station in the city – lies just across the railway station.

If you travel by car, you should be aware that, just like in most large cities in Romania, parking can be a problem.
Driving directions from Vaslui
Driving directions from Roman -> Tg. Frumos

At certain times during the day as well as during the high school and university admission period, if you are trying to find a parking space, you need to muster much patience and to listen to relaxing music (Enya is our recommendation).

Street parking can be available on Gen. Berthelot Rd., Gh. Asachi Rd. and Lascăr Catargi Rd.