Details Graduate/ Master’s programmes

The Graduate/ Master’s programmes offered by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration are included among the Professional Masters Programmes, except for the Research Master’s Programme. Furthermore, there are two types of Professional Master’s Programmes, namely the Master’s Programmes with and without prerequisites. The Master’s Programmes with prerequisites are designed particularly for the students who have some background in economics and are interested in pursuing their studies and specialising in the field starting from a certain level of training. The Master’s Programmes without prerequisites are designed for the students who had obtained an undergraduate degree in other fields. Consequently, in the case of these programmes, there is a semester of general training which comprises five subjects of study that Master’s students choose from a package of seven subjects; in the next three semesters, they will attend specialised courses. Within the Master’s programmes (full-time learning), the study schedule is adapted to the requirements of the people who are already active in the workforce; thus, with some minor exceptions, courses start at 4 pm. For the students who do not manage to fit into this schedule, there are part-time Master’s programmes, in which activities are conducted during weekends and on-line. There are a high number of budget-financed places allotted for the Master’s programmes so that, in compliance with the provisions of the Law on National Education and the Regulation concerning the Master’s studies at UAIC, all the students can benefit from free instruction. At the same time, there are a significant number of scholarships available for all the students enrolled in full-time courses. Accommodation is available in the university campus, provided there are available places.

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration has signed collaboration protocols with over 40 universities and it participates in Erasmus exchange programmes. Every year, more than 100 students benefit from such scholarships abroad. There are also study programmes that award a double degree, such as Finance and Risk Management, or Statistics and Actuary, which allow students to obtain a degree from the partner university as well. Moreover, for those who are interested in developing their linguistic skills, or for the foreign students, there are Master’s programmes taught in English.

Professional Master’s Programmes with prerequisites

Open to any category of graduates (1st cycle), the professional Master’s programmes with prerequisites offered by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration try to bring the second cycle of university studies to a level that meets both the European standards and the demands of the market. The objectives, professional perspectives, pre-requisites and the curriculum of each program are summarised below. For more information concerning any of the programmes, please contact the tutors of the respective Master’s programme.

Details regarding the programmes, as well as information about admission are available on the web page of the faculty

Professional Master’s Programmes without prerequisites

The professional Master’s programmes without prerequisites are designed for the graduates who obtained a Bachelor’s degree in other fields of study, as well as to graduates of Economics who wish to enhance their knowledge in a complementary field.

Content and structure of the programmes:
Each programme contains a number of 20 subjects of study, structured as follows:

  • 5 general subjects chosen from a package of 7 subjects;
  • 7 subjects common to the field of study;
  • 8 subjects specific to each programme.

Each subject of study is attributed a minimum number of 6 ECTS, except for the programmes awarding a double diploma; during one semester there are five subjects, summing up 30 ECTS. With the inclusion of two practical subjects of study in the curriculum, the last semester focuses on practical activities. The studies are completed with the defence of the Master’s thesis, which should leverage the knowledge and skills acquired during the two years of study. The topic of the MA thesis should be chosen by the end of the second semester in the first year of study.

Each subject of study is assigned 1-2 hours of lecture and 1 or 2 hours of seminar per week. Assessment is carried out both throughout the semester (ongoing assessment) and by means of final examinations. For the Master’s students enrolled in part-time studies, course materials are provided by the organisers of the Master’s programme and made available for each Master’s student in hard copies and on the Blackboard platform.

Research Master’s Programme

The Research Master’s Programme in Economics and Business aims to meet the needs for excellence training and advanced knowledge acquisition in the field of Economics and Business, to pass on skills and competencies specific to high-class researchers, trainers and professionals. The attractiveness of this Master’s programme consists in the fact that it provides a number of subjects of study that are compulsory for those who want to continue their studies pursuing a PhD. It is therefore to be expected that a good number of prospective PhD candidates should want to attend this training cycle. At the same time, this programme provides solid training to those who are interested in building a teaching or research career in Economics.