Distance learning and reduced frequency

Higher education “distance” or “low frequency” is an individual activity, which involves the student in developing and coordinating their own learning strategy. Distance learning is a form of education that ensures the student independence in terms of:
• the place where they learn;
• the ways to solve the self-evaluation themes and to present the control themes provided for the studied disciplines;
• the time periods in which they learn;
• learning methods;
• forms of communication with teachers and colleagues.
Thus, emphasis is placed on the quality of the activity of orientation and guidance of the study, by offering / including learning situations in the specific DL materials.

The Department for Distance and Low Frequency Education (ID-IFR) aims to ensure the flexibility of study programs and the use of modern technologies, in order to supplement some of the face-to-face meetings that are specific to the frequency form. The group of teachers, as well as the facilities we have for carrying out specific activities, allow the achievement of a quality educational process, which responds to the expectations of students and the demands of the labor market.”

Study programs and Reduced Frequency Managers

Accounting and management informatics – Prof.univ.dr. Georgescu Iuliana
Management – Prof.univ. dr. Neştian Andrei
Finance-Banks – Prof.univ.dr. Anton Sorin
Public Administration – Prof.univ.dr. Bercu Ana Maria

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Prof. univ. dr. Valentin Niţă
  • (40) 0232 201396
  • valnit@uaic.ro
  • Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași, Carol I Boulevard, No.22, FEAA, B527
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