Prof. Daniela Tatiana Agheorghiesei, PhD

The Economics of Commerce, Tourism and Services is a generous study programme that appeals to students interested in the entire tertiary sector, and especially in Commerce and Tourism. We can rightfully say that this study programme is a nursery for entrepreneurs in a country whose touristic potential is underused, and Commerce is an immediate option for a young graduate.


  • First Semester
    Fundamentals of Accounting
    Applied Mathematics for Economics
    Business Law
    English/ French / German for Business 1
    Business Information Technology
    Sports 1
    Second semester
    Fundamentals of Statistics
    End-User Computing
    Financial Accounting
    English / French / German for Business 2
    Sports 2
    The educational plan is valid for the first year of study (2021/2022)
  • First Semester
    Services Management
    English/ French/ German for Business 3
    Sports 3
    Second semester
    Business Administration in Commerce
    Money and Credit
    Promotional Techniques
    Travel and Tourism Industry
    English/ French / German for Business 4
    Sports 4
    The educational plan is valid for the 2nd year of study (2021/2022)
  • First Semester
    Business Administration in Tourism
    Hotel Management
    Quality Services Management
    Consumer Behaviour
    Financial Management
    Electives (Economic Projects in Tourism; Economic Projects in Commerce) – 1 out of 2
    Supplementary courses – Internship in commerce, tourism and services
    Second semester
    Evaluation and Land Use in Tourism
    Human Resource Management
    Tourism Marketing
    Food&Beverage Management
    Electives (Logistics in commerce and tourism; Supply Chain Management)
    Electives (Ethics and academic integrity; Bachelor thesis methodology)
    The educational plan is valid for the 3rd year of study (2021/2022)

How can you tell if ECTS is exactly what you are looking for? Check if the following statements describe you:

  • I am a dynamic person, and the field I’m preparing for must be dynamic.
  • I like it that in the field of services, a customer’s uniqueness counts.
  • I want to learn how to set up a store, in practice.
  • I can have my own store, so I want to learn how to run a business.
  • I dream of having my own travel company or even my hotel.
  • I am curious about how to evaluate the touristic potential of an area and what the secrets behind landscaping it are.
  • I want to understand consumer behaviour and the magic of offers.

If you feel that all of these statements describe you, come to ECTS! You’re “in”!