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GEBA 2017




Being an inter- and multi-disciplinary conference, we encourage papers covering topics including but not limited to:

  • Higher Education: Trends, Challenges and Emerging Opportunities
  • Higher Education during Global Crisis: The New Global Learning Framework
  • Social, Economic and Political Dimensions of the Global Crisis: Implications for European Union
  • Cycles, Crises and Global Economy
  • Quantitative Analysis under Global Challenges
  • Globalization and Business Information Systems
  • Impact of Globalization on Finance and Banking
  • Global Context of Financial and Accounting Reporting
  • Marketing within the Triad: University - Business Environment - Society
  • Globalization and Sustainable Development - Challenges and Trends in Organizational Management Services and Business Communication
  • Citizen-Oriented Best Practices in Public Administration


Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Carol I Boulevard no.22, Iasi, Romania
Phone +40 232201727 Fax +40 232217000