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Facultatea de Economie si Administrarea Afacerilor

Bd. Carol I, Nr. 22 700505, Iasi, Romania
Tel: +40.232 20 10 70
Fax: +40.232 21 70 00

Centre for Research in Finance

The Centre for Research in Finance was established in 2002 at the Department of Finance and Money, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, having as its core mission the support of scientific research in corporate and public finance alike, both theoretical and applied. The strategic objectives of the Centre are:

1. Promoting research of the most relevant themes with the highest impact in real-life
2. Getting funding through national and international competitions
3. Promoting international collaborations and partnerships in research
4. Integrating finance research into master and doctoral curricula

The members of the Centre are both established researchers and young students, grouped in 4 research units:

1. Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance
2. Banks and Financial markets
3. Local Government and Public Finance
4. Insurance and Risk Management

Over time, the Centre for Research in Finance was involved in several projects funded by national and international bodies alike, producing high quality research papers and (co)hosting international conferences and research seminars. The Centre was permanently dedicated to supporting the teaching process not only by continously updating the curricula to the most recent research findings, but also by strongly encouraging the students to take part in joint research. Having as its trademark the synergy between finance research and teaching, the Centre is constantly driven by performance in order to achieve international visibility.

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