Assoc. Ana-Maria Bercu, PhD.
Lect. Elena Cigu, PhD.
Lect. Bogdan Petrişor, PhD.

The Public Administration study programme is primarily addressed to persons who wish to get involved in community life, and through the legal status that they will acquire, i.e. that of a representative of public authority, to develop their professional career in institutions (at local, national or European Union level) and to act in the interest of citizens. With an experience of more than two decades, our programme (through full attendance and distance courses) provides interdisciplinary training. The basic values on which we consolidate our educational path and that we wish to pass on to our graduates are: integrity, accountability, transparency, commitment and cooperation.


  • First semester
    General Theory of State and Law
    Quantitative Research Methods in Public Administration
    Political Economy and Economic Policies 1
    Fundamentals of the Science of Administration
    English / French / German 1
    Software Instruments for Public Administration

    Second semester
    Decisions in Public Administration
    Political Economy and Economic Policies 2
    End-User Computing for Public Administration
    Constitutional Law. Political Institutions
    English / French / German 2

  • First semester
    Administrative Law
    European Law
    Public Finance 1
    Civil Law
    Public Services Management
    English / French / German 3

    Second semester
    Administrative Law Procedure
    Public Finance 2
    Human Resource Management
    Public Accounting
    English / French / German 4

  • First semester
    Public Relations, Communication and Protocol in Public Administration
    Public Budgetary Systems
    Performance Management in Public Administration
    Labour Law
    Fundamentals of Penal Law
    Contract Law

    Second semester
    Local Finance
    Public Investment Management
    Fundamentals of Judiciary Procedure
    Urbanism and Real-Estate Development
    Field-Specific Projects

– specialised inspector;
– expert / consultant for legislative harmonisation, European business or public administration;
– administrator, public manager, city manager;
– local development agent/ facilitator;
– internal auditor for the public sector;
– secretary for an administrative-territorial unit;
– teacher/ trainer/ regulator;
– public affairs expert /consultant.
– Local /county councils, Prefect Institutions;
– cadastre and real estate advertising offices;
– Civil status directorates/ services
– Public finance general regional directorates;
– County Pensions Houses;
– Permanent Electoral Authority offices;
– Public companies / Autonomous public companies;
– Administrative contentious courts;
– Notary and law offices.