Prof. Vasile Işan, PhD.
Prof. Liviu George Maha, PhD

The Economics and International Business programme provides students with the appropriate framework for the acquisition of very good communication skills in at least two international languages, for the development of high-level capabilities to access international study programs, to understand world economy phenomena, the European Union’s international business environment, the institutions and policies of the European Union, and the professional compatibility of institutions that manage European funding programmes. It allows them to acquire professional skills that ensure their employability in a large number of operations ranging from private domestic business engaged in foreign trade to multinational companies and international institutions.


  • First semester
    Fundamentals of Accounting
    Applied Mathematics for Economics
    Business Law
    English/French/German for Business 1
    Business Software Instruments

    Second semester
    Fundamentals of Statistics
    End-User Computing
    Financial Accounting
    English/French/German for Business 2
    Internship (Accounting, Informatics, Statistics)

  • First semester
    European Economic Integration
    International Trade and Commercial Policies
    English/French/German for Business 3

    Second semester
    Money and Credit
    International Business Management
    Foreign Language (German/Spanish/Italian/Russian)
    English/French/German for Business 4

  • First semester
    International Commercial Transactions
    International Finance
    Contemporary Economic Doctrines and Trends
    Elective (International Relations and Diplomacy; Governance Structures in World Economy)
    Business Communication in English/French
    Foreign Language (German/Spanish/Italian/Russian)

    Second semester
    Negotiations in International Business
    International Project Management
    International Business Logistics
    Elective (International Tourism or Fundamentals of Financial Management)
    Business Communication in English/French
    Foreign Language (German/Spanish/Italian/Russian)

The EAI study programme aims to provide high quality education in the field of the economic analysis of international relations, a competitive and internationally compatible level of professional knowledge, excellence in widely circulating foreign language training, and the development of the capacity to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice. It also intends to stimulate international student mobility and to train graduates’ capacity to adjust to the ongoing changes on the labour market. Graduates of this programme can pursue a professional career in many institutions and organisations, such as: foreign trade companies and institutions, companies engaged in import-export operations, representations and subsidiaries of foreign companies, European Union bodies and institutions, International relations departments in banks, insurance companies and international financial institutions, international transportation and shipping companies, professional associations, research institutes and research centres, government agencies, etc.