Tourism and Hotel Management

Prof. Daniela Tatiana Agheorghiesei, PhD.
Assoc. Bogdan Anastasiei, PhD.

Management, Marketing


  • Compulsory Courses
    Market Research in Tourism
    Intercultural Diagnosis and Analysis
    Business English
    Economic Fundamentals of Investing
    Geography and Management of Tourist Destinations
    Introduction to Tourism Business
    Strategic Management
    Tourist Projects Management
    Tourism and Regional and Local Development
    Elective Courses
    French 1
    German 1
    Non-Compulsory Courses
    Introduction to Research
  • Compulsory Courses
    Development and Marketing of Tourist Products
    Business Ethics
    Front Office
    Client Relations Management
    Human Resources Recruitment, Selection and Development
    Research/ Documentation Internship and Master’s Thesis Elaboration
    Web design
    Elective Courses
    French 2
    German 2
    Event Management
    Promotion and Public Relations
    Non-Compulsory Courses
    Academic Writing

The Master’s Programme Tourism and Hotel Management aims to provide opportunities to the graduates of the Economics, Commerce, Tourism and Services undergraduate programme in particular, but also to the graduates of the other study programmes specific to the fundamental scientific field Economics, as well as to all university graduates (provided they meet the programme prerequisites) who wish to build a management career in the industry of tourism and accommodation, allowing students to develop the underlying intellectual, professional and personal skills.

Objectives: raise awareness of contemporary issues pertaining to tourism and accommodation management; provide personal, intellectual and professional development opportunities, as well as understanding elements specific to tourism, trends, characteristics and management techniques; provide technical knowledge and specific means necessary to develop and elaborate the strategic plan of a tourist destination, with a view to maximise the performance of the tourist activity; analyse, assess and provide solutions to complex managerial issues; acquiring knowledge of international tourism, underlying intercultural dimensions and a critical approach to the theory of tourism development; analyse the factors influencing tourist demand, as well as the relationship between tourism and economic development.