Procurement, Distribution, Logistics

Prof. Adriana Zaiţ, PhD.

Management, Marketing, Informatics Techniques


  • Compulsory courses
    Industrial Competitiveness
    Information Management and Introduction to the Use of Integrated Management Systems
    Strategies and Performance in Logistics Management
    Strategic Management
    Acquisition Management
    Transport and Distribution Management
    Financial Analysis
    Knowledge Management
    Elective courses
    Communication in a foreign language (English, French, German, Russian)
  • Compulsory Courses
    Commercial Action and International Trade
    Operational and Relational Marketing
    Industrial Management and Project Management
    Logistics Information Systems: ERP
    Logistic Chain Management
    Comparative European Law
    Project: Company Monographic Study (Research/ Documentation Internship and Master’s Thesis Elaboration)
    Experimental Research in ADL

The Master’s Programme in Acquisition-Distribution-Logistics (ADL) is an academic training programme specialised in the three fields of study contained in its name. The programme is accredited by ARACIS, based on the assessment file submitted by the University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” upon the request of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and the Department Management-Marketing and Business Administration. The Master’s programme has already produced three classes of graduates, 80 specialists trained here and employed by well known companies in Romania.
Upon completion of the ADL Master’s programme and based on the Master’s thesis defence, the graduates are awarded a Master’s degree in Management, specialisation Acquisitions-Distribution-Logistics, which is recognised both in Romania and in the European Union.

Admission to the ADL Master’s programme is based on the average obtained during the undergraduate years and the final examination. Any holder of a Bachelor’s Degree can apply for admission in the ADL Master’s programme, provided (s)he meets the programme prerequisites.

French knowledge is an asset, but not an admission criterion.

The ADL Master’s programme provides opportunities to achieve workplace and career performance!