Organisational Management

Assoc. Ştefan Andrei Neştian, PhD.
Assoc. Silviu Mihail Tiţă, PhD.



  • Compulsory Courses
    Strategic Management
    Risk Management
    Corporate Governance
    Intercultural Management
    Acquisitions Management
    Organisational Management
    Human Performance and Reward Management
    Elective Courses
    Marketing Management
    Business Processes Management
    Business Communication in English
    Business Communication in French
    Business Communication in German
  • Compulsory Courses
    Financial Analysis
    Research and Consultancy Projects in Management
    Experimental Research in Management
    Quantitative Decision-Making Techniques
    Research/ Documentation Internship and Master’s Thesis Elaboration
    Business Ethics
    Assessment and Analysis of Organisational Performance
    Elective Courses
    Strategic Operationalisation
    Organisation Theory and Organisational Design
    Management of Change
    Client Relations Management
    Economic Intelligence

To help graduates meet the market demands, the MA programme in Organisational Management focuses on training skills and building advanced knowledge in Management.

Skills training and knowledge acquisition are provided by: academic activity consisting of: lectures, seminars, tutorials, workshops; individual study including: reports and projects, case studies, study of the recommended bibliography, critical analysis of articles in the specialized press, reports, studies and managerial documents of some organizations, presentation of conclusions at seminars or scientific sessions; group learning and working by participating in course and seminar debates, preparing and presenting reports or projects; practical activity consisting of an internship within an organization (7 weeks).

The students who achieve excellent results during the Master’s programme can obtain scholarships in accordance with the university-approved regulations.

The study programme also includes a knowledge acquisition component regarding research in organisational management, which opens access to business consultancy firms, as well as university research positions. Master’s graduates with remarkable research results can also continue their studies by attending a PhD programme.

Organisational Management graduates can access management jobs in various organisations, from companies in any business sector, to public institutions in administration, education, culture or healthcare.