International Business and Intercultural Strategies

Lect. Elena Ramona Ciortescu, PhD.
Assoc. Andreea Oana Iacobuţă, PhD.

English (B2), French (B2) or German (A2)


  • Compulsory Courses
    International Marketing
    Institutions and Development
    Intercultural Communication in English / French 1
    Intercultural Communication in German 1
    International Business Strategies. Case Studies
    Negotiation Skills and Techniques
    Intercultural Communication in English / French 2
    Intercultural Communication in German 2
    Elective Courses
    International Trade and Economic Development
    International Financial Markets
  • Compulsory Courses
    European Institutions and Policies
    Intercultural Communication in English/ French 3
    Intercultural Communication in German 3
    International Firms
    Intercultural Communication in English/ French 4
    Intercultural Communication in German 4
    Research/ Documentation Internship and Master’s Thesis Elaboration
    Elective Courses
    International Economic Climate/ Geopolitics and Business Environments
    International Financial Management/ Business Financing in the European Market

Objectives acquisition of written and oral communication skills and models; acquisition of business communication skills; choice of an adequate written or oral discourse adapted to specific international communication situations and acquisition of business negotiation techniques and strategies; training of critical and speculative thinking in debates and negotiation; acquisition of competencies in building, analysing and exploiting the business intercultural dialogue and understanding the need to adapt to the local cultural specificity; thorough knowledge of international economic phenomena, institutions, bodies and legislation; awareness of the international marketing and trade, the European policies and institutions and the theories of globalisation; development of entrepreneurial skills and knowledge required to identify, analyse and exploit business and financing opportunities in the domestic and international market.

Comparative advantages of the programme solid communication skills in two foreign languages (English/ French and German); high-level abilities to access and mobility within the study/ internship international programmes; good knowledge of the international business environment; good knowledge of the European Union institutions and policies; professional skills for employment; internship opportunities at a German university.