Economics and International Business

Prof. Mihaela Ifrim, PhD.
Junior Oana Ramona Socoliuc, PhD.

Macroeconomics (or Economics / Political Economics / Economics and Economic Policies)


  • Compulsory Courses
    International Trade and Economic Development
    International Financial Markets
    International Companies
    International Macroeconomics
    Comparative Economic Systems
    International Financial Management
    English/ French for International Business
    Elective courses
  • Compulsory Courses
    International Marketing
    International Strategic Management
    International Business Law
    Geopolitics and Business Environments
    International Trade with Services
    Business Financing in the European Market
    English/ French for International Business
    Research/ Documentation Internship and Master’s Thesis Elaboration
    Elective courses

The Master’s study programme in Economics and International Business aims to train high level specialists able to assess and critically analyse aspects related to the field of Economics and International Business, find relevant solutions to problems and make efficient decisions in the field of international business relations.

– To facilitate the graduates’ access to the labour market in Romania and abroad, by ensuring adequate training;
– To develop an organizational culture in business enterprises and public institutions in the country to highlight the competences and principles of an open society;
– To provide students with in-depth knowledge in the field of international business;
– To provide students with in-depth knowledge of the structure and developments of global markets, the global governance system, relations between nation-states and economic regionalization;
– To develop the students’ analytical thinking, critical spirit and creativity in support of intellectual independence and rational behavior;
– To develop the students’ ability to make decisions and take action within the context of increasing uncertainty and complexity of the global economic environment.

What does this programme have to offer?Complex training; focus on the ability to identify trends in international markets and make adequate economic decisions; the prerequisites for a deep understanding of contemporary economy; professional knowledge in an elevated and attractive manner; the adequate context for building self-confidence and motivation in order to build professional careers in business organisations, public institutions and international business; connection, through dynamic and student-centred activities, to a community that allows for individual connection to the academic and business environment.