Public Administration

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Mission and objectives

The bachelor program in "Public Administration" has set as its objective to form a new generation of officials able to work in the interests of European citizens, both indoors and outside the borders of Romania. Since its debut, the program of studies aimed to ensure socio-professional training of high quality to those who want to build a career in administrative structures and local governments (Prefectures, County Councils, Municipalities, departments of Finance and Control State Finance, the Financial Guard, the Court of Auditors, Pension Houses, Employment Agencies, etc.) and specialist departments within public companies.

The objectives of the undergraduate program of public administration are, briefly, the following:

  • training future civil servants, making them able to modernize the Romanian administration in full compliance with relevant European standards and resolve citizens' problems, having the ability to design and adopt the best decisions, ensuring transparency of the use of public money;
  • forming graduates so they can have the competencies and abilities necessary to create development projects and learn how to properly use financial resources given by European institutions.

    In conclusion, why should you choose the specialization of Public Administration license?
  • because you are prepared to work in an area where you’ll be taking decisions with people and for the people, respecting public money that parents and even yourself bring to community by paying taxes;
  • because you understand that making effective use of public money, including EU funds, Romania will have highways, schools and hospitals brought to quality standards, complemented by an adequate infrastructure in the smooth functioning of economic and social activities;
  • because you want to learn what team spirit is, to get involved constructively in the governance and have the ability to beneficially influence political decisions based on solid arguments, but maintaining a neutral and unbiased attitude towards those in power at a given time;
  • because you are passionate about the socio-human field and want to get a quality education, conducted by professionals with whom you start your journey of knowledge and that will monitor your evolution closely and shape your character and will prepare you for the future.


Professional Horizon

Our graduates will acquire the right to belong to the class of civil servants who provide stability and continuity of state institutions and, especially, will assume the obligation to show conduct adequate for a democratic society, excluding privileges and unwarranted abuse of power, will occupy important positions in public administration which require specialized training, such as:

  • prefect, in line with legislative changes (de-politicize the function of prefect and his employment as a senior civil servant under Law no. 340/2004 regarding the prefect institution);
  • general directors, their deputies, directors of ministries and other central bodies of the public administration, like minister advisors;
  • heads of services and offices of ministries and other specialized central public administration fields;
  • heads of decentralized public services of ministries and other central bodies of the public administration and their deputies;
  • general directors of prefectures as well as other categories of staff belonging to the technical apparatus of prefectures;
  • secretaries of county councils and those of local municipal and town councils;
  • staff that exercises the state’s attributions in the areas of civil status, guardianship authorities and protection of minors, as well as other administrative functions that require profession development and training.

Over the years, the elite graduates of the school of public administration in Iasi became public managers, management officials in ministries, evaluation experts and teachers in high-schools or universities.


The success of our program of studies is striking. Our graduates are valuable people in state institutions. We are aware that thanks to them, we can confirm our position amongst the top public administration schools.

With them, graduates of public administration specialization, we pride (the list is not exhaustive):

  • Ciobanu Mariana, public manager, DMPS Botosani;
  • Filip Raluca, public manager, Iasi Prefecture;
  • Bomher Noemi, public manager, Iasi City Hall;
  • Eşanu Remus Andrei, public manager (YPS scholar), Ministry of Interior;
  • Ţebecailo Cristian, public manager (YPS scholar), Ministry of Interior;
  • Chiriţa Ioan Ciprian, Head Control Corp., Iasi City Hall;
  • Caciuc Gabriela, head of communication service CJP Iasi;
  • Alina Brişcaru, inspector, CJP Iasi
  • Iablonschi Mihaela, secretary, FEAA, UAIC;
  • Oprea Florin, Ph.D. Lecturer, FEAA, UAIC;
  • Ladaru Ana - Maria (married Bercu), Lecturer PhD, FEAA, UAIC;
  • Mandru Beatrice, inspector, Iasi City Hall;
  • Chelaru Elena (married Cigu), PhD prep, FEAA, UAIC,
  • Ajudeanu Alexandra, inspector, SCPLEP Bârlad;
  • Tarlea Alexandra, secretary, UAIC Rectorship;
  • Tarlea Loredana, inspector, CJP Vaslui;
  • Babei Amelia-Madalina, economist, Institute of Hepatology and Gastroenteorologie;
  • Cucu Mariana, inspector, Regional Training Center in Public Administration Iasi;
  • Beligan Liliana inspector, Iasi City Hall;
  • Maftei Petronela Claudia, reviewer, National Communications Authority;
  • Mititeu Andreea, inspector, APDRP Iasi;
  • Musteaţă Cristian, inspector, City Hall Pascani;
  • Palade Costel, chief administrator, Faculty of Law, UAIC;
  • Tamas Eliza, inspector, DRV Galati;
  • Ploscaru Gelu-Iulian, operator, Notary Office of Stephen Coste
  • Timofte Mirela, inspector, CJP Iasi;
  • Ursache Simona, inspector, CJP Iasi;
  • Popescu George, inspector, Romanian Lottery;
  • Purcaru Gabriela, inspector of public acquisition, Comăneşti City Council;
  • Bodoga Marius, chief of civil status, register office of marriages Iasi;
  • Enea Claudiu, subinspector, fraud investigation service Iasi;
  • Ciulei Liviu, inspector, City Hall Tomeşti;
  • Şchiopu Eliza, master's degree in European administrative studies, University of Strasbourg.




Year I >
Discipline (code) Semester Hours per week (C|S|L) Verification type (E/C/P) Credits
C-Course, S-Seminar, L-laborator, E-Exam, C-Colloquium, P-Project
Microeconomics I 2 2 - E 5
Basics in accounting I 2 2 - E 5
Mathematics applied in economy I 2 2 - E 5
Economy Law I 2 0 - E 5
English/French/German for business I 1 1 - C 5
Information technologies for business I 2 2 - E 5
Basics of statistics II 2 2 - E 5
Macroeconomics II 2 2 - E 5
Software instruments for business II 2 - 2 E 5
Financial accounting II 2 2 - E 5
English/French/German for business II 1 1 - C 5
Specialized practice II - - - C 5


Anul II >
Discipline (code) Semester Hours per week (C|S|L) Verification type (E/C/P) Credits
C-Course, S-Seminar, L-laborator, E-Exam, C-Colloquium, P-Project
Administrative Law I 2 2 - E 5
Decision in Public Administration I 2 2 - E 5
Public Finance I I 2 2 - E 5
Public Services Management I 2 2 - E 5
Principles of Political Science I 2 2 - E 5
English/ French/ German I 1 1 - C 5
Procedure of Administrative Law II 2 2 - E 5
Public Finance II II 2 2 - E 5
Human Resources Management II 2 2 - E 5
Accounting II 2 2 - E 5
English/ French/ German II 1 1 - C 5
Intership II - - - C 5


Anul III >
Discipline (code) Semester Hours per week (C|S|L) Verification type (E/C/P) Credits
C-Course, S-Seminar, L-laborator, E-Exam, C-Colloquium, P-Project
Civil Law I I 2 2 - E 5
Public Budgeting and Taxation Process I 2 2 - E 5
Family Law and Civil Status I 2 2 - E 5
Labour Law and Social Security I 2 2 - E 5
Elements of Judicial Procedure I 2 1 - E 5
Public Relations I 2 1 - E 5
Local Finance II 2 1 - E 5
Demography II 2 1 - E 5
European Law II 2 2 - E 5
Elements of Penal Law II 2 1 - E 5
Projects II - 2 - E 5
Civil Law II II 2 1 - E 5